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The Hawkins Group LLC
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The Hawkins Group Mission
For the Individual and Couples

To provide financial enrichment guidance to individuals and couples who are:

Just starting out on their own
Unexpected transition (loss of loved one)
Young maturing adults 
Single parents
$ Career change
$ Discharged from bankruptcy (starting over)
$ Create a stronger financial relationship

Will learn how to manage all of their financial affairs. Help all articulate their lifetime financial goals and create an action plan to achieve them. In the process, provide the education, tools and support to help all create a relationship with their finances.

For Families

                                                         Provide financial enrichment guidance to families; 

This includes a financial analysis to evaluate a client's needs, help them articulate their lifetime financial goals and 
create a action plan to achieve them.
Customize the services offered to meet specific financial family needs because every family is unique. 
Families who want to become empowered to handle their finances are provided the education and support to help 
them understand and create a more solid financial foundation.

For Small Businesses

Provide financial enrichment, tools and guidance to help achieve business goals.
Analyze and evaluate the personal and business finances for the awareness and protection of the financial situation 
for business and family. 

​Financial enrichment provides education awareness and meaning to your financial decisions. It allows you to understand how each financial decision you make affects all areas of your finances for the present and the future.
Every individual, family and business is unique, the services offered are customize to meet their specific needs.
Empower Inspire Engage through financial awareness and commitment.